2018 Obamacare Health Plans in Broward County Becomes a Challenge | Few Obamacare Offices Left Helping Clients Enroll

While many of the insurance agencies are dodging the uncertainties of the health insurance marketplace, ezHealthMart is pressing forward and helping thousands enroll in 2018 Obamacare Plans.

With Open Enrollment for 2018 Healthcare right around the corner (Nov. 1st - Dec. 15th, 2017), many clients are calling their previous insurance agencies to find out that their plans are either expected to triple in cost, or that their agents are not around for business in the new season. With the subsidy hikes and drastic changes this year, many Insurance agents will spend their time elsewhere to avoid the headache of Open Enrollment.

This leaves clients with a couple options. A. Find a Local Obamacare Agent that is contracted with the Health Insurance Carriers that will sit with and go over your options, or B. try Healthcare.gov and their enrollment system. If clients decide to do nothing with their current plan, they risk getting automatically re-enrolled in their extremely pricey plan, or being stuck with a government-chosen plan that is "most similar" to their previous plan.

ezHealthMart has 20 physical Obamacare locations with over 500 qualified state licensed insurance agents helping people enroll in person or online with real-time Obamacare Quotes. Their main enrollment centers are in Hollywood, Miami, and West Palm Beach. Experts are helping people chose the right plan by looking at 3 key factors.

“Pricing, Benefit Plan, and the Plan Network,” the owner, Joseph said. “You really have to find a good combination of all 3 and that’s not so easy in this market. There are many Insurance Companies that do not have contracted doctors in certain areas and so while the plan and pricing might look good, there might not be a doctor in the plan’s network that is in the consumers area. So what good is a great health plan if you cannot see a Doctor?”

At ezHealthMart’s Obamacare Enrollment Assistance Centers, there are no long lines and the new ACA software will have customers in and out within 5-10 minutes. They also have Obamacare agents that are bilingual in multiple languages. These agents will navigate applicants through the difficult application in minutes, help them upload any documentation they may need, and also help them make their first payment if necessary. The ezHealthMart motto is quality, combined with efficiency.

For more information on where to find help with the enrollment process visit this ezHealthMart’s website. The Obamacare Enrollment Assistance Center in Miami has several different locations and they also offer help over the phone. Go to their website or call them at 877-962-8332.

For more information, please visit http://www.ezhealthmart.com/

Source: ezHealthMart