BenaVest Launches New Local Life Insurance Locations to Help Consumers Figure Out What Life Insurance Best Fits a Consumer Needs | Local Life Insurance Office

After making a huge impact on the health insurance industry in South Florida for 2017, BenaVest decides to advance their focuses in Life Insurance as well this year

After another successful year of advancing the use of Life Insurance throughout the states,, the life insurance division of BenaVest, a health - life & retirement agency, has decided to give higher focus toward Local Life Insurance Branches.

Picking the right Life Insurance isn't exactly the easiest easiest thing to do the right way, with over 1,000 policy combinations to choose from. While most companies try to break down plans over the phone, or with a 1-2-3 guide online, offers a unique option to consumers Nationwide. With over 1,000 licensed agents - and 112 office locations, offers to help consumers in person.  Consumers may meet up with Local Life Insurance Agents or just stop by a Local Life Insurance Office and gain an understanding of what type of life insurance policy may best meet their needs. They want consumers to keep in mind that it doesn't cost them anything extra to get a policy through a Licensed Pro.

John Figaro a thirty-six-year client of, says "Figuring out what life Insurance Policy is best can be very confusing.  I shopped online for life insurance and picked up a final expense policy that I thought was great. Little did I know I could get a NEW combination plan including Living Benefits that may help financially if I were ever diagnosed with an illness or disability for the same price. 

BenaVest offers a variety of popular options, and they fall in line with what most people are looking for when shopping for life insurance. One of the most favored policy options is a Burial Insurance plan. An extremely affordable, easy access policy option that offers up to $25,000 in coverage when the policyholder passes. This is usually used toward funeral funds, hence the nickname of the plan, but it can typically be spent at free will.

Another is Life Insurance with No Medical Exam. These plans gain their popularity because clients can gain coverage within minutes. Enrollment is very lenient and accepting no matter the health conditions. No blood work, no needles and no exams are needed.

There are plenty of other life insurance options available through life insurance site, Local Life Pro.

Source: BenaVest