BenaVest's New AI Oscar Agent Contracting Portal Makes Life Easy for Agents to Get Appointed With Oscar

Appointed Oscar Contracting

Health Insurance Agents thinking of getting contracted with Oscar, should get on track early because they are looking to establish a National Footprint moving forward. Backed by the well-established Alphabet Company (Google's parent company), Oscar Health is a new option in many areas for health insurance consumers throughout Florida and 14 other states, including New York, California, and Texas. With Oscar Health going against the grain and aggressively expanding in more competitive areas like Miami, Broward, Palm Beach, and Tampa Florida.

​​Insurance ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Agencies are calling this new tech-savvy health insurance company "The Google of Healthcare" for good reasons. "They have set up the most advanced and convenient agent-friendly back-end for Brokers to assist their clients," says Tina Gannon, manager of Oscar Agent Contracting for BenaVest. She goes on to say, "Agents can conveniently log in and print Member ID cards for their Oscar Members, check to see which clients need to make payment and run checks and balances on their book of business. For agents wanting to get contracted with Oscar, they can go to BenaVest's Oscar Agent Contracting page for a simple video step-by-step guide that will take agents through the entire contracting process to get appointed with Oscar."

Oscar has also created an immersible App and Concierge for consumers that aims to help insureds stay healthy, keep them up to date on their healthcare needs and, most importantly, help them find Doctors on demand. Consumers may also communicate with their assigned dedicated concierge service team by way of text or phone in the app. This team is made up of healthcare guides and an assigned nurse. While having an innovative and fresh approach to the health insurance industry, Oscar still manages to make a reasonable push toward affordability. In many of the states that Oscar has expanded into, their health plans hold the lowest price by a significant margin for the most utilized bronze and silver plans on the marketplace.

One of the issues that most ACA Carriers are facing is that ACA/Obamacare Navigators funding has been derailed over the last couple of years. So finding local help enrolling in new Obamacare Plans for 2020 may be a tedious task due to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) having to cut navigator funding by nearly 85 percent over past years. That left just $10 million in funding to help people in 34 states with coverage over the 45-day open enrollment time span. This is where Benavest is stepping in and adding more locations to help consumers with local Obamacare Enrollments at Obamacare offices staffed with state licensed CMS certified agents that help with Obamacare.

Consumers looking for more information on health plans may visit: or call 877-962-8332

Insurance Agents looking to get appointed with Oscar or get contracted with Oscar may visit: or call 800-893-7201.

Source: BenaVest