Final Expense Insurance Gains Popularity on Local Life Pro Due to Its Ease of Access

Final Expense Insurance Becoming Popular After Being Considered the Go-To Option for Local Life Pro Clients

With a very high percentage of Americans going without life insurance for most of their lives, people have the tendency of looking for life insurance when it's considered too late. The reason being is mostly due to the complexity of life insurance often scaring people away from the concept. With a recent restructure, Local Life Pro has made one option very clear for their clients.

Final Expense Insurance (burial insurance) is what Local Life Pro considers the "fallback" option among the many options they offer through their site. With burial life insurance, or final expense insurance, clients don't need to pass a medical exam. Only a few health-related questions are asked before a plan is set in place.

While No exam life insurance is considered more expensive, healthy clients have the option to get life insurance with exams to lower their costs through Local Life Pro.

James, a Local Life Pro client, said: "My health is fine; I'm just not a fan of all the medical procedures. No needles, no bloodwork, it's not my thing." In this case, burial insurance without a medical exam seemed to work perfectly for James.

While rates are higher without a medical exam, this is the gem with Burial Insurance. Policies can be anywhere between $2,500 and $35,000 — fairly low in comparison to a typical life policy. This design allows for affordable premiums. Clients can get their funeral paid off without leaving the financial burden to their families.

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Source: Local Life Pro