Funeral Planning From Assure Gives People an Affordable Option That's Easy to Qualify For

Assure For Life recently introduced their new Funeral Plan to the United States, making it possible to cover up to seven people for only $50-75 a month.

With Assure's funeral planning options on the rise, more and more consumers are being introduced to a new idea with a different aspect than life insurance. While many know it's a good idea to get life insurance sooner rather than later, it's still an investment that's usually sought for when its "too late". There are alternatives to passing the qualifications for Final Expense Life Insurance, but those alternatives (such as not having to take a medical exam or give blood work) usually come with a heftier price sticker. Assure For Life's new policy gives a great balance between affordability and acceptance, allowing a lot of consumers to opt for something cheaper while getting much more coverage. Assure's new plan makes the question of Life Insurance Vs Funeral Plan a clear winning choice for many.

People can typically find themselves getting lost in all the rules and hidden fees of a life insurance policy. On the other hand, Assure's Family Protection Plan keeps it very simple and inviting. Before covering the plan, let's note that a typical 64-year old that's healthy would pay $50/month for a $10,000 Final Expense plan. This is if they pass all of the complex qualifications for the life insurance plan. With Assure's Family Protection Plan, burial expenses are covered for just $15-25 a month (depending on your state of residency). What makes Assure for Life's plan stand out, is that up to seven members can be covered by the plan for just $50-75 a month.

Assure's Family Protection Plan covers everything from funeral services, cremation services, air ticket (round trip) from the United States for the policy owner to attend a funeral, transfer of the deceased to the local funeral home, cemetery or crematorium, and much more.

While policyholders aren't paying for a lump sum of cash that would be received at their policy's end, burial costs continuously rise and leave the typical final expense beneficiary with nothing left. Money can also be saved monthly with the low cost of this new plan by Assure For Life. To find ways to invest in your future, visit and find more details on a Local Funeral Plan.

Source: Assure


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