Mortgage Protection Insurance Now an Option Available Through Local Life Pro After Recent Statistics Prove It's Necessary

Local Life Pro gives their clients a new option to protect their biggest asset

Houses are all-in-all people's most prized possessions, and one of their biggest assets as well. Unless homeowners had a bulky down payment made upfront for the house cost, chances are they're paying for a Mortgage. With mortgage payments come a lot of scares since it's such a long period of time. One of the growing scares as of late for BenaVest's clients is passing away.

While nobody likes to think about the scares, the likelihood of someone dying before their 15- or 30-year mortgage settles is something to take note of. Statistics show, by age, the chances of death before paying on a 30-year mortgage.

At 30 years old, the chances are 1/10 of dying before payment. At 35, chances are 1/7. At 40, chance are 1/4. At 45, chances are 1/3. At 50 and up, chances are more than half that Mortgagees will pass before their payments are gone.

Gary, a Local Life Pro client, says: "In my household, I'm the primary breadwinner. Although I'm 53, my mortgage doesn't end until another 10 years, so it's great to have some coverage on the way."

To avoid foreclosure, Local Life Pro has Mortgage Insurance Protection. Specialized mortgage life insurance policies like this allow clients to get affordable life insurance that fully covers their mortgage costs. With Local Life Pro, plans like this are available with no medical exam required, and tax-free benefits.

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