New 2019 Obamacare Deadline Has Consumers Quickly Enrolling at Local Obamacare Enrollment Center Locations

After last year's shock of a 45-day window for Obamacare health plans, consumers were more prepared this time around, enrolling fast and in big numbers throughout South Florida. The Obamacare Deadline stands at Dec. 15, 2018, for 2019 health insurance coverage. Mass amounts of people have piled through the doors of ezHealthMart’s Obamacare Offices and found themselves getting in and out with their new plans in just 5-10 minutes with the ACA enrollment platform. According to the manager of the company’s Hollywood Obamacare Office, Adelfa Arriaga, they’ve adopted the motto of wanting to “ more people sign up for Obamacare in a shorter time period and if that means staying until 1:00 a.m. every night then so be it.”

Many consumers wanting to get insured seemed to choose the enrollment centers over other approaches to get insured for 2019. The efficiency to get a health insurance plan seems to be inimitable through these Obamacare Enrollment Centers. Other ways such as HealthCare’s website with their phone line had waiting times up to three hours long in 2018. Now with the navigator funding being cut, wait times are expected to rise even more. ezHealthMart's enrollment centers are filled with State Licensed Certified Agents by the government, so people can be sure to come in and sit down with a professional local Obamacare agent that will find the right plan.

“Pricing, benefit plan, and the plan network,” Joseph Gannon, President of ezHealthMart said. “You really have to find a good combination of all three and that’s not so easy. There are many insurance companies that do not have contracted doctors in certain areas and so while the plan and pricing might look good, there might not be a doctor in the plan’s network that is in their area. So what good is a great health plan if you cannot see a doctor?”

At ezHealthMart's Obamacare Enrollment Centers, there are no long lines and the new ACA software will have customers in and out within 5-10 minutes. They also have local Obamacare agents that are bilingual in multiple languages. These agents will navigate applicants through the difficult application in minutes, help them upload any documentation the marketplace may request, and also help them make their first payment if necessary. 

For more information on where to find help with the enrollment process, visit ezHealthMart’s website at or call them at 877-962-8332.

Source: ezHealthMart