New Self-Funded Insurance Option Makes Group Health Insurance for Small Businesses a Viable Option

Small Employers Can Now Have Self-Funding In Place Without Owing Additional Funds at the End of the Year

The price of healthcare benefits continues to increase for Group Insurance. According to recent projections by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, healthcare spending is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 5.7 percent from now until 2023. Companies small and large try to find a perfect fit healthcare plan that suits their needs. With BenaVest recently specializing in the new Self-Funded Insurance Option,  Employers for any sized business can reap the benefits of Self-Funding.

BenaVest breaks down Funding Advantage Plans (Self Funding) pretty simply: With aggregate stop-loss in place, Employers may see much more affordability and can even get money back in their pockets from the fixed monthly premiums.

Small employers won't have to owe extra money at the end of the year.

Brian Miller, Insurance Advisor

Self-Insured plans have been used vastly by Large Employers over the past years. What makes Funding Advantage plan a stand-out option for Small and Mid-size Employers is that employers are to not owe additional money at the end of the year. This makes for the perfect Affordable Group Health Insurance option for small business employers.

This plan gives Employers the perks of savings, options, protection and simplicity.

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Source: BenaVest


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