No Medical Exam Life Insurance is Now Made Available Through Local Life Pro After Studies Show It's Preferred

Local Life Pro shows off a popular option that guarantees coverage for most people looking to get insured.

After recent studies were conducted late April 2017 by the LIMRA, Local Life Pro adds the option to get No Medical Exam Life Insurance to their extended Life Insurance Options portfolio.

After studies showed that people prefer life insurance in its simplest form with "simplified underwriting," Local Life Pro took the extra step and offered just that and more.

"With simplified underwriting, consumers can get coverage withing minutes!"

Brian Miller

With the plans offered at Local Life Pro, the underwriting is extremely simplified. The enrollment process is easy, no exam or bloodwork is needed, and with the combination of the two — consumers can find themselves getting coverage within minutes.

Research from LIMRA's study group also showed that 83% of life insurance consumers consider “easy to understand” policies a very or extremely important factor when buying life insurance. Alongside this beneficial factor is the "ability to chat with a person," which 66% of consumers consider important as well.

This makes policies with no medical exam a clear winner for people alike to the study group. And with Local Life Pro, agents are made available to consumers on a nationwide scale with a rapidly growing agency of 700+ agents scattered throughout the nation's most populated cities and small suburbs. Local Life Pro makes it easy for consumers to find certified and licensed life agents at no cost.

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