Residential Epoxy Flooring Now Available With Epoxy Star to Homeowners Throughout Florida's Suncoast

With Epoxy flooring being a breakout sensation that merely existed in commercial and industrial buildings, people have increased interest in applying this piece of art to their households. After Residential Epoxy Flooring has been in such high demand, Epoxy Star decided to make the recent switch of servicing homeowners that want Epoxy Flooring in Cape Coral/throughout the Suncoast region. With their high quality, durable materials and ability to mock up floor designs, orders have been coming in like rapid fire.

One of their more popular options is the Metallic Epoxy Flooring. The simple fact that every floor is completely unique is reason enough. This beauty alone allows these floors to fit in absolutely any setting. They are very durable, even tough enough to handle vehicular traffic. Out of all the reasons, nothing beats the cost-effectiveness and plethora of choices for this flooring system. It still allows homeowners to pull off a striking design within their desired rooms.

Epoxy Garage Floor Coating has taken over the market for most garage flooring projects. Garage floor epoxy is resistant to dirt, moisture, salts, and chemicals to accommodate for most living situations.

Epoxy Star is by far the best choice for any epoxy flooring installation. From Commercial to Industrial to Residential installations, Epoxy Star can handle any epoxy flooring project with their matchless epoxy flooring systems. Whether it’s a school, car showroom, auto repair shop, or warehouse, Epoxy Star has the tools and the team to get the job done. Every epoxy installation is unique in its own way, and Epoxy Star takes great pride in providing the most cutting-edge installations for everyone’s flooring needs. Beyond the unique design, Epoxy Star also provides a variety of high-quality finishes to choose from and durable materials to make any epoxy installation to the best of their ability.

Offering their service to the whole Suncoast Region of Florida, you can find more about Epoxy Star by visiting their website at

Source: Epoxy Star