Universal Life Insurance New Option Guarantees Clients a Return on Every Dollar They Invest While Alive With Local Life Pro

After seeing many life insurance companies offer living benefits to spruce up their lackadaisical everyday life insurance policy to obtain new clientele, local life pro has found the newest trend in the life insurance industry. Carriers are now offering a return of premium option alongside the living benefits rider. Only a couple of carriers are automatically including both of these benefits. Since the bailout of 2008, more and more people are interested in A-rated carriers, since these carriers are more reliable companies that should not have an issue paying out benefits once their policy's ends are met. Recently a stand out carrier's policy has been added to Local Life Pro's options where policyholders have the option at certain time frames during the life of the policy to receive a return on every dollar paid into the policy, guaranteed.

It's rare that you see guarantees in life insurance policies, but with Local Life Pro's Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance policy, riders such as the Guaranteed Refund Option are included in the policy at no additional cost. The rider pays a full refund if the policyholder decides to cancel their policy after a certain amount of years. Among multiple free riders, fixed premiums and adjustable premium payments, the new option is much less expensive than a permanent life insurance option.

Jeremy, a Local Life Pro client, said "The living benefits in this plan really helped me out when I was disabled and couldn't work for six months. With the cash benefit of $60,000 I was able to pull from the policy, paying all of my out of pocket medical bills like my deductible and also all of my bills like my mortgage and it also gave me assurance that I would leave behind an inheritance just in case I pass."

With face amounts as high as $99,999, more and more people find this policy attractive throughout Local Life Pro's website. Consumers can learn more about this option at http://www.locallifepro.com/services/guaranteed-life-insurance-policy.

Source: Local Life Pro


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